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10-4-21 Update
Shipping packages to NZ has been stopped until further notice. "In addition to the recent suspension of select USPS services to Australia, USPS will suspend all package services to New Zealand , starting October 1 , 2021. A ll shipments via th ese service s will be returned to sender ."

Stamped mail seems to be OK still. I just dont get whats so special about a package.... this is getting very annoying!

9-9-21 Update

Shipping packages to AUS has been stopped until further notice. The USPS and AUS post has posponed mail over due to rising "the vid" cases. I will be watching this closely to when packages can be sent back over. From what ive read this doesnt mean normal stamped mail, just tracked packages.

Aus Mail Suspensions

6-26-21 Update

When you receive an email saying your items were shipped, they are not always out that same day. It is me closing your order after I put everything together. They typically go out in the mail the following day or the day after. 


1-24-21 Update

Due to rising costs of shipping, I have turned off shipping to other countries that require tracking (IE packages). Costs are just getting so extreme that its just not viable right now. Sub $40 to ship something that is 10oz is insane to me. Hopefully I can figure out something that is a bit more cost effective for everyone. Sorry it has to come to this but I can still ship out normal sticker orders in the mean time!


1-18-21 Update

Shipping packages to the UK has been stopped until further notice. Laws have changed and require the seller to pay the VAT. This would require me to sign up with the UK government and collect tax. That I don't feel comfortable doing. I can still ship normal letters over for stickers. This is super frustrating to me and hopefully something will work out later on.

Here is a link if you would like to read about the subject

VAT 2021 Rules


12-22-20 Update

This year has been a wild ride. The post office is at basically an all time low. With so many people buying things online the post office is over loaded.

USPS has been a sh!t show to say the least. Mail has been getting severely delayed or just outright lost. Not only is this really frustrating for customers but just as frustrating to me....

As far as mailing times go, I just don't know anymore. It could take a week or over a month just in the US. Overseas mail is just as bad. Mail has been seeming to sit in customs for an extended period of time. Plus foreign post offices are going through their own problems just like USPS.

If there was another affordable service out there I would use it. I have been switching some tracked packages to UPS since it was cheaper and does make it on time.

So, with all of that said, I am changing some things up. If you do not have your mail/package AT LEAST 6 WEEKS after it has been shipped (the day after the shipped date is when I take it to the post office), please email me or DM me on instagram. I would rather give the mail at least some chance to make it just because I dont know how slow the postal service is.

I am hoping at some point USPS gets back on some type of norm that it use to be with shipping times but who knows when that will happen.


I hope everyone understands this change!





I put customer service at #1!


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